Sustainability Strategy Consultation

The University’s Strategic Plan Our Salford 2014-18, sets out our mission; transforming lives, stimulating discovery, realising potential. It has four themes; our culture, our community, our partners and our impact and the Plan identifies Sustainability as the enabler underpinning all activities within the strategy. To remain sustainable financially, environmentally, competitively and socially is at the core of the University’s plans.

Sustainability means being financially viable while taking account of all the positive and negative environmental, social and economic effects we have on society both now and in the future. Sustainability excellence is a way of making decisions.

Traditionally our focus has been mainly financial sustainability; our Sustainability Strategy will focus on the environmental and social aspects of sustainability, whilst recognising that finance, competition and social participation are inextricably interlinked.

We recognise that consultation and engagement with the University community is essential to develop an effective, robust, achievable but challenging sustainability strategy. We plan to hold a series of workshops and events to support this online consultation.


We welcome your views on the following (via our online survey here or by email to

  • What do you feel is a sustainable university?
  • Should sustainability be measured more broadly than through carbon reduction and environmental impacts and, if so, what sort of measures should we include?
  • What areas of sustainability need to be prioritised in our strategy?
  • Which areas of the University should be prioritised in the scope of our strategy?
  • What areas of research need to be prioritised to contribute to a more sustainable society?
  • Are there any other questions, issues or opportunities you would like to raise?