Holiday Switch Off

Over the holiday period colleagues are asked to help reduce our impact on the environment by switching off non-essential equipment at the plug.

The University is committed to reducing energy consumption by 43% by September 2020 from a 2005/6 baseline and we need your to support the achievement of this reduction.

Please follow these simple tips:

  • Switch off your PC/laptop and monitor at the plug
  • Switch off your office light, desk lamp and any display or decorative lights
  • Agree who in your office will;
    • Switch off shared office equipment such as printers and photocopiers at the socket – a photocopier on standby overnight wastes enough energy to make 30 cups of tea!
    • Switch off the kitchen equipment such as hot water boilers, kettles, microwaves and water coolers
    • Empty and switch off the fridge in your kitchen area
    • Switch off stand alone electric or wall mounted radiators at the socket
    • Turn off taps and report dripping taps to the Estates Helpline
    • Shut all windows and office doors
  • If it essential to run fume cupboards over the holiday period please ensure the sash is closed
  • Finally, switch yourself off and enjoy the holiday period!