Waste Reduction

Adopting relatively simple measures can minimise the amount of resources we consume and the quantity of waste produced. For example, you can consider:

In purchasing:

• Do you need to buy the item in the first place?

• Do you need to buy the quantity of material?

• Buy energy efficient, durable products that contain little or no hazardous materials  and are easily recycled at the end of their life.

• Buy materials containing recycled materials, such as paper.

• When buying an item, think about how much waste will be produced during its life and how you will dispose of it.

In printing:

• Print double sided (amend your default settings).

• Print two pages or more on one sheet.

• Allow students to submit work which is double sided and single line spaced. 

• Ensure fax machines do not produce header or report sheets.

In the office:

• Reuse envelopes internally.

• Use a mug/glass, not disposable cups.

If you have to buy the item, think about when you've finished with it and visit the Reuse section!