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If you live within two miles of the University, walking is a great way to travel here as it will help keep you fit, benefit the environment and is of course, free!

For those who travel here by other means, it can still be incorporated into your day, such as walking between buildings or to and from the train station or bus stop. All of these short trips will boost health and fitness, burn calories and reduce the carbon we produce from travel

Above are some screenshots from a video by Salford student Vlad Jiman. He has documented the walk from his Castle Irwell residence to the University in a fast-motion video which you can view here.

A Walk in the Life...

Clare Fallon, our Assistant Environment & Sustainability Officer (who you may know from such initiatives as Fairtrade and the Wallness Lane Clean Up) walks to work every day.

Clare's provided us with info and photos from her daily journey to the University, which makes for an interesting read!

Click here to see 'A Walk in the Life'

Lunchtime walks

Why not take time away from the office/classroom during your break and go for a stroll around the historic Peel Park which is located next to our campus of the same name.

Click here for an example of a short 15 minute route around the park provided by

In March 2011, staff and students enjoyed a Biodiversity Walk around the Peel Park campus and the park itself as part of the global Earth Hour which encouraged people to turn off their lights for one hour. The University Earth Hour invited staff and students to turn off their non-essential equipment over lunchtime and enjoy a walk, lead by students on the Wildlife & Conservation course, to learn about the biodiversity we have around us.