Estates & Property Services Division Energy Management Policy

Energy management is inextricably linked to providing a sustainable environmental policy within what is perceived by many as a diminishing resource. There are an increasing number of legislative requirements aimed at ensuring a provision of an energy efficient University. Energy is not just associated with the use of electricity, gas and water but should be expanded to include the effective management of waste. Through the University procedures the Estates Division is committed to developing a policy and an effective management system to ensure that our contribution to a sustainable environment is complete.

Our Aim is to :

  • be committed to a responsible, sustainable energy, water and waste management policy.
  • endorse the principle that energy and water conservation is of paramount importance in terms of reducing costs and protecting the global environment
  • comply with the University's Environmental Sustainability Policy

We will:

  • improve and maintain, at the highest level possible, the energy, water and disposal of waste material efficiency of the Estates Division in particular and of the University in general avoiding unnecessary expenditure on energy and water consumptions and the generation of waste and its disposal
  • bring forward new ideas and initiatives for implementation
  • provide advice and guidance on matters relating to energy and water consumption

We you can do:

  • ensure energy and water consuming equipment is run in an efficient manner within your Faculty/Department
  • consult with the Estates Division prior to purchasing energy and water consuming equipment
  • accept ownership of energy and water consumptions and waste disposal within your Faculty/Department, encouraging conservation measures and reporting faults that occur


If you require any advice on matters relating to the use of electricity, gas, water or the disposal of waste please contact our HelpDesk in the first instance on 54444.