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Did you know that 83% of cars on the road in Greater Manchester in the morning peak have only 1 occupant?

(Greater Manchester Transport Statistics, 2009)

Car sharing aims to make to make better use of these empty seats, allowing people to benefit from the convenience of a car while helping to reduce the associated problems of congestion and pollution.

Could you offer a colleague or fellow student a lift, maybe just once a week?

Or could you and a colleague/fellow student who both drive, share the driving and travel in the same car?

If so, you could halve your fuel and parking costs as well as reducing the wear and tear on your vehicle.


University of Salford Car Sharing Scheme

The UoS Car Share Scheme has been set up to help you find a car share match so that you can begin savings on the cost of travel. Register on our car share database at Car Share GM.

To find out the full details of the scheme and how to take part, see the links below:

Car Share Scheme Process Guide - Your guide to how the scheme works, from registration through to car sharing and saving.

Car Share Scheme Registration Guide - A step-by-step, in depth guide to registering online at

Frequently Asked Questions - Any other queries? Check out the FAQs


About Car Share GM

The University of Salford car sharing scheme has been launched in partnership with Car Share GM (a locally developed car sharing website for Greater Manchester) to help staff and students find suitable matches to car share with.

The University of Salford has a private group on Car Share GM. This partnership working increases your chances of a match and only staff/students from the University can sign up.

It's up to you who to decide to share with and no personal details are divulged without your say so. Could you share your journey to University, maybe just once a week?