Building Managers

Estates and Property Services are committed to providing a customer focused service and to help us to deliver this we now have Building Managers situated in Campus Buildings. Building Managers are there to deal with any problems or issues that affect you within your working environment and will be happy to provide help, assistance or advice.

Please continue to report all routine repair requests via the Help Desk on 54444 or directly onto our Facilities Management Database -

Your Building Manager details can be found by clicking on the relevant links below:



Building Manager  -  Vernon Farrington

Allerton Building

Allerton Studios

Brian Blatchford

Jack Goldberg

Mary Seacole

Newton Annexe


Building Manager  -  Paula Spring

Business House

Clifford Whitworth


Lady Hale

Leisure Centre

Technology House

University House



Building Manager  -  Paul Britton

Cockcroft Building

Crescent House

Humphrey Booth

Faraday Building

Newton Building

Peel Building

Adelphi House  


Building Manager  -  Tina Doyle

Alumni House

Gilbert Rooms

Joule House

Maxwell Building

Maxwell Hall

The Old Fire Station


Building Manager  -  Marcus Young

Adelphi Campus

Adelphi Building

Centenary Building

New Adelphi


 Lady Hale building Law School Clifford Whitworth University House Sports Centre Myers Building Technology House Business House Chapman building Maxwell Building Maxwell Hall Old Fire Station Alumni House Joule House Adelphi Building Centenery Building Humphrey Booth House Crescent House Faraday House Cockroft building Peel Building Newton Building Mary Seacole Building Brian Blatchford Building Allerton Building