With over 20,000 students and around 2,500 staff the University of Salford's operations have a significant impact on the environment locally, nationally and internationally.

The Environment and Sustainability Team are leading on developing and implementing an Environmental Sustainability Policy and Strategy in partnership with the University community, see our Environmental Sustainability management structure. How we manage resources for Environmental Management is described here. Check our latest progress here.

The Sustainability Strategy Group are currently developing our Sustainability Strategy.

Sustainability includes...

  • Balancing different, often competing needs against an awareness of the environmental, social and financial impacts, bot immediate and in the future.
  • Taking into account positive and negatives
  • Building on positives, not just reducing negatives
  • Sustainability is a way of making decisions
    • Considering the environmental, social and economic implications
    • Taking a long term perspective
    • Enhancing positive impact
    • Reducing negative impact

We invite your views to help us identify our positive and negative environmental and social impacts and what we can do to become a more sustainable university.

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Energy screens have now been installed in all buildings

Salford Staff - Check out the Environmental Sustainability HR Toolkit!

Contact us on eps-sustainability@salford.ac.uk